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One of Sweden’s most established and innovative flute players within folk and world music. Since the mid-1980s he has traveled the globe with his music. As an artist he has had a great impact on the innovative Swedish folk music scene and is featured on numerous albums with his intense, rhythmical and personal style of playing. He is at moment active playing with Groupa, Tuultenpesä, and Jormin/Nelsson/Simonson. He has previously worked with Den Fule, Bäsk, Crane Dance Trio, Zephyr, Kapell Frisell and the Vocal Ensemble Amanda. Jonas regularly composes music for his groups and projects and has worked as a theater musician and as a producer for Hedningarna and the Vocal Ensemble Amanda, among others.
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Jonas Simonson is an experienced and respected educator. Since 2001 he has worked at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg, where he is now a professor. He has previously worked as a flute and ensemble teacher at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Ingesund School of Music School, Malmö Academy of Music, University College of Music Education in Stockholm and Danish National Academy of Music. For a number of years, Jonas has been involved in developing different feedback methods and makes extensive use of Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process in his teaching.


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In 2007, Jonas Simonson’s first solo album Crane Dance was released on the Nordic Tradition label. In 2017, the pioneering flutist and folk musician released his second album in his own name, Till Tranland on the Dimma label. You can also hear Jonas completely solo in the concert/performance “Winding Winds”, which premiered in Härnösand in spring 2022.

Winding Winds

In the solo concert ”Winding Winds”, you can enjoy the richness of folk music. Jonas combines music with roots in the Nordic countries with his own poignant compositions to create a complete and unique performance. Through close and personal transmission, the music takes on a deeper meaning. Experience a meaningful fusion of music and storytelling, where each song carries powerful and strong stories, clearly illustrating the broad diversity of folk music. ”Winding Winds” takes you on a journey through emotional and thought-provoking musical narrative.

The album Till Tranland features the music of fiddlers and women who lived in Västergötland, Bohuslän, Dalsland, Stockholm and Dalarna. Several of these musicians have also migrated across different borders and brought their music and songs with them. Playing it with new friends and exchanging music, thoughts and ideas. Here four curious musicians meet in three duo constellations, Emma Johansson, Ellika Frisell and Mia Marine. The music is colored by each one’s background and playing style. The musicians make use of experiences from previous musical encounters with their teachers and other fellow musicians.
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The music on the album has been inspired by, among other things, the bustling, spring-like spectacle, dance and calls when the cranes stop over at Lake Hornborga. The album is a journey to these regions in the heart of Västergötland, but also, just like the crane’s flight, a longing for the rest of the world. Crane calls, dense trio playing, teeming landscapes with bells, drums and a forest of flutes. Jonas’ own compositions and improvisations are mixed with traditional material from western Sweden.
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Rooted in Nordic folk music, Groupa plays music that reflects both longstanding close contact with tradition and a strong and irrepressible desire to keep moving forward. In Groupa’s latest project Kind of Folk, traditional music meets the group’s innovative approach. innovative approach.

With their distinctive take on Nordic folk music, Groupa is unquestionably a supergroup in the genre: They are trailblazers of progressive Nordic folk since 1981. With their characteristic mélange of old melodies, free improv, new compositions, and highly imaginative instrumentation, they have influenced a whole generation of musicians. Ever curious and two-time Grammy Award-winning Groupa released their thirteenth album Kind of Folk – Vol. 4 Iberia in spring 2023.

Mats Edén – Viola d’amore, Hardanger fiddle
Terje Isungset – Drums, Percussion & Mouth harp
Jonas Simonson – Flute, Alto flute, Overtone flutes, Nordic wooden pipes

Mia Marine, Jonas Simonson, Hanna Wiskari Griffiths
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Playful and masterly interplay between three completely unique musical voices, each with their own personal style and color. The music alternates between traditional folk music, newly written compositions and improvised music that only exists here and now. All three have a solid background in Nordic folk music in solo and ensemble form. Contemporary Nordic root music on saxophone, flute and violin with sharpness and presence at its most groovy and beautiful.

Electronic Press Kit

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The Finnish-Swedish Tuultenpesä brings together flutists from different traditions and unique backgrounds as musicians and composers. Tuultenpesä develops the colors and expressive possibilities that a variety of flutes can offer. From the Nordic tradition, they use polskas, hallings, runosongs and other musical material. An encounter between ancient and modern, tradition and innovation. A flute ensemble where the minimalist and austere are given space. Albumet Vindstilla was released 2022 on the label Ääniä Records.

Kristiina Ilmonen, Kirsi Ojala, Göran Månsson, Mimmi Laaksonen, Leena Laitinen, Jonas Simonson

Jormin, Nelson, Simonson
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Anders Jormin, double bass, Karin Nelson, organ, and Jonas Simonson, flutes have been working since 2007 to explore how to create a joint musical platform based on their different musical backgrounds. It has been an exploratory work were three artists with diverse musical dialects meet. There is a variation in traditions and playing styles where all three musicians switch between different expressions and roles. Sounds, colors and expressions merge in their music to a synthesis of folk music, contemporary improvisation and church music. A meeting point creating an environment where they both challenge and learn from each other.

The albums Songs in Meantone (2010) and Tantum (2018) are released on the label Footprint Records.


Music for Dancing

In a workshop with Jonas, you have the opportunity to delve into various areas such as learning tunes with roots in Nordic folk music, ensemble playing, improvisation, or the feedback method Critical Response Process.
Learning tunes and Ensemble interplay
For those who want to explore and deepen their understanding of music playing, ensemble dynamics, and their relationship with their instrument. Here, you can reflect on various playing techniques and styles within Swedish folk music. We focus on rhythm, ornamentation, articulation/bowing, improvisation, and practice listening and playing together in a group.
Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP) is a proven method for giving and receiving feedback on ongoing work. By understanding where the recipient of feedback is in the process and what is important to them in the current situation, CRP becomes a powerful tool for motivation and continued development. The workshop may include an introduction to the method or an in-depth exploration of how to use feedback in various contexts.
Music for Dancing
Jonas has an extensive repertoire for dance and years of experience playing for dance events and courses. As a highly appreciated dance musician at dance evenings and workshops, he shares his music to enrich your dance experience.


Musician | Composer | Educator