Wind ensemble from Gothenburg – Motley messy sounds – Rough and rhythmic melodies – Lovely live improvisations

With the roots in Nordic folk music, Westan creates their very own sound on saxophones, clarinets and flutes. The ensemble consisting of several generations of wind players from Gothenburg plays modaly and rhythmically sophisticated music.

Westan uses the dynamics and sound possibilities of the wind instruments for both delicacy and energy. It is offered in music with roots in Western Sweden and Norway in a new costume. Through nocturnal polskas and herding calls from the mountain peaks, both the cuckoo and the wood nymph follow.


Sofia Andersson – soprano and baritone saxophone
Ida Gillner – soprano saxophone
Robin Johansson – soprano and tenor saxophone, clarinet
Sten Källman – tenor, soprano and barytone saxophone
Jonas Simonson – flute, bass clarinet

Contact & Booking

Sten Källman

+46 706 98 92 03



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