Crane Dance Trio

Crane Dance Trio

This trio can you hear on the record Flyger igen, released in 2015 on the label Dimma. The music on the album is based on long-term exploration of the border between improvisation and finished songs. Here you get their own compositions together with sound excursions to different musical places.

The trio also perform on Jonas’s first solo album released in june 2007 on the label Nordic Tradition. Here you get hypnotic ‘springlekar and Jonas subtle ‘hallingar’ mixed with songs from Värmland, Västergötland and Norway.

Mats Edén’s and Jonas Simonson’s intricate teamwork has continued to develop over the years. Receptive, creative guitarist Mattias Perez is the perfect complement, making the trio inventive and sensitive.

Mats Edén – fiddle, viola d’amore, accordion

Mattias Pérez – 12-string guitar

Mattias is a frequently-engaged guitarist. Among others, he plays with: with vocalist Eva Åström Rune, with his own trio MP3, and with Outhouse Allstars, an ensemble with cult status today. He has also performed with musicians such as Ånon Egeland and Mats Berglund, and with the Harv ensemble. He has also played with the Västanå Theater, appearing in productions such as The Magic Flute, and two plays based on works by Selma Lagerlöf: Gösta Berling’s Saga, and En Herrgårdssägen (The Tale of a Manor). Mattias teaches at the Ingesund Academy of Music.

Jonas Simonson – flutes

Simonson has played in a wide variety of groups on the contemporary folk music scene for the last twentyfive years. His intensive, rhythmic flute tones have contributed to the success of the tirelessly creative veteran ensemble Groupa, the more recent folkrockjazz ensemble Den Fule, and the brilliant, now defunct folk trio Bäsk, as well as the wind-fiddle trio Kapell Frisell.

Jonas plays flute, alto flute, overtone flute and Härjedal pipe.

As elegant and magical as the mating dance of the cranes – the dance of the music enchants the listener. This is true listening pleasure for the fastidious folk music lover. The musicians have incredibly close interplay and are thoroughly musical.

Alexandra Ullsten

Lira, om CD:n Crane Dance

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