Where Winds Meet

Where Winds Meet

The phenomenal flute trio Zephyr has recently released their first album, October Ocean, on the Playing With Music label. An encounter extraordinaire between three of Sweden’s top world and folk flutists. The vast musical landscapes span from far-north heaths to rush-hour traffic in a hotter climate. Remarkable rhythms percolating throughout melodies and sound excursions under the sea, providing music like nothing ever heard before. Winds ranging from a soft breeze, a bracing north wind, a sultry monsoon, to hurricane force.

Richard Ekre Suzzi
Bansuri, Wind sticks

A groundbreaking bansuri player who spent many years in India with the legendary bansuri master Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. He has developed his own style – free-spirited, one that transcends borders as he integrates the bansuri into a wide spectrum of unexpected musical contexts.

Göran Månsson
Sub-contrabass recorder, Härjedal’s flute, Månmarka flute

An exciting and experimental
 player who has transported the sub-contrabass recorder to a whole new universe. His background as a percussionist helps give this flute trio a magic groove.

Jonas Simonson
Alto flute, traditional Swedish Härjedal’s flute, Overtone flute

A versatile and innovative player who has made quite an impact on Sweden’s progressive Folk scene. His outgoing, creative and always rhythmically exciting style has inspired a generation of musicians and other music lovers.

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Turné juli 2017

Zephyr släpper nytt album!

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