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Ever evolving, the two-time Swedish Grammy winners Groupa has just released their tenth album. “Kind of Folk – Vol. 1 Sweden” is Groupa’s highly unique take on melodies known as lullabies, or tunes played at weddings and for dancing. The air, the breathing and the way the sounds ring out create here a new framework for the songs selected for this occasion. Nordic soundscapes and meditative improvisations.

“Via Jan Johansson’s ingenious interpretations of folk music we gained nourishment for new impulses in our on-going conversation as musicians. We searched backwards, to the old transcriptions, to the written music, and listened to recordings of long since departed role models within singing and playing. With thin water colour notes we paint our own version of Swedish tunes and songs. We listen inwards, sometimes subtly and sometimes with irrepressible energy. More often than not we do not know exactly what will happen, but we find the way forward together.”

Giving the music freer reins and new colours, they are exerting themselves in the joy of drawing new musical dimensions with instruments such as mouth harp, overtone flutes, viola d’amore, bells, stones and wood.
Groupa plays it’s own brand of modern Nordic folk music. The original band was founded in 1980, and along with other groups like the now defunct Filarfolket has been a vanguard of the progressive folk music scene in Sweden since the 80’s. The music is based on a great and tender caring for Nordic Folk music, coupled with refined musical skills. With Terje Isungset from Norway as their percussion player, Groupa continues towards new goals. In the music of Groupa, you will find a composed picture of the traditions of Yesterday, the whims of today, and the possibilities of tomorrow.


Mats Edén
Viola d’amore, Hardangerfiddle

Terje Isungset
Drums, Percussion & Mouth harp

Jonas Simonson
Flute, Alto flute, Overtone flute, Härjedal’s flute

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Groupa vet hur de ska ta sig an de urtida inspirationskällorna medan de stormar framåt

Cliff Furnald - Roots World

Groupa has become identified with Swedish folk music and all the developments in its recent history, Groupa will challenge people’s preconceptions of Swedish music a band worth their weight in gold.



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Kind of folk vol.1 (2016)

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