Jonas Simonson

Musician | Composer | Educator

Jonas Simonson

One of Sweden’s most established and innovative flute players within folk and world music. For the past 30 years he has traveled the globe with his music. As an artist he has had a great impact on the innovative Swedish folk music scene and is featured on numerous albums with his intense, rhythmical and personal style of playing. He is at moment active playing with Groupa, Zephyr, Crane Dance Trio, Tuultenpesä, Westan and Jormin/Nelsson/Simonson. He has previously worked with Den Fule, Bäsk, Kapell Frisell and the Vocal Ensemble Amanda.

Jonas Simonson is an experienced and respected educator. Jonas has been working at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg since 2001 as a program manager and teacher at the world music department. He has previously worked as a flute and ensemble teacher at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Ingesund School of Music School, Malmö Academy of Music, University College of Music Education in Stockholm and Danish National Academy of Music.

Jonas Simonson

Till Tranland

The groundbreaking fluteist and folk musician Jonas Simonson is releasing his second solo album, Till Tranland (“To Craneland”). The music reconnects to old playmates and to the music found in the region Simonsson grew up in, an area abundant with cranes.

In recent years, Simonsson has moved between many different musical expressions. This time, he and his guests Emma Johansson, Ellika Frisell and Mia Marin botanize in traditional songs from the Swedish counties of Västergötland, Bohuslän and Dalsland.
Till Tranland is Jonas Simonson’s third album release in a short time. Autumn 2016  saw the release of Groupa’s Kind of Folk – Vol. 1 Sweden. In April 2017, October Ocean, with the phenomenal flute tribe Zephyr, was released. And Tantum, with Anders Jormin (double bass) and Karin Nelson (organ), is scheduled for release this autumn.


Jormin/Nelson/Simonson: Tantum -17 (Footprint Records)

Jonas Simonson: Till Tranland – 17 (Dimma Records)

Zephyr: October Ocean -17 (Playing With Music)

Groupa: Kind of Folk – Vol. 1 Sweden -16 (All Ice Records), Grammy nominee

Crane Dance Trio: Flyger igen -15 (Dimma Records)

Groupa: Silent Folk -14 (Footprint Records)

Den Fule: Contrebande -13 (Footprint Records)

Jormin/Nelson/Simonson: Songs in Meantone -10 (Footprint Records)

Den Fule: Halling i köket -10 (Footprint Records)

Groupa: Frost -08 (Footprint)

Jonas Simonson: Crane Dance -07 (Nordic Tradition)

Amanda: Tres -06 (Footprint)

Amanda/GSO/Povel Ramel: Ramelodia Lusticana -03 (Universal)

Bäsk: Släkt -02 (Xource)

Groupa: Fjalar -02 (Xource)

Amanda: Café Creol -99 (CCn’C Records)

Mats Edén: Milvus -99 (ECM 1660)

Bäsk: Bäsk -99 (Xource)

Groupa: Lavalek: -99 (Xource)

Amanda: Amandandra -98 (Imogena)

Eter: -98 (Drone)

Martin Bagge: Bellman -97 (Proprius)

Groupa: Imeland -95, (Amigo) Winner of Grammy awards

Amanda: Amanda -95 (Imogena)

Den Fule: Skalv -95 (Xource)

Martin Bagge: Blåsen nu alla -95 (Proprius)

Den Fule: Lugumleik -93, (Xource) Winner of Grammy awards

Amanda: Baron Lördag live -91 (Amanda records)

Kapell Frisell -90 (Filur)

Swedish sax septet: Riff-Ola -90 (Hurv)

Groupa: Månskratt -90 (Amigo) Winner of Grammy awards

Hedningarna: Hedningarna -89 (Alice records)

Groupa: Utan Sans -88 (Amigo) Grammy award nominee

Groupa: Vildhonung -85 (Amigo)